Hume centre for Ecology and Wildlife Biology is an initiative of a group of wildlife conservationists and researchers to work for the protection of ecosystems and wildlife of India. The Centre is named after the late Mr. A.O Hume, the British naturalist who laid the foundations of Indian ornithology. The centre was established in the year 2005, based in Kalpetta, Wayanad district of Kerala, one of the biodiversity rich regions in the Western Ghats.

The Western Ghats is one of the mega biodiversity regions in the world, but unfortunately a highly threatened biodiversity region as well. With increased human pressure on ecosystems, the natural forest cover is dwindling fast and many species including endemic ones are under severe threat. For this reason, the Western Ghats is a priority location for our interventions.


o Undertake scientific research and monitoring of wildlife of India so as to enable their conservation

o Conduct science education programmes among children, students and the general public on the species interrelationships in the ecosystem

o Initiate conservation action with local and state governments for the protection of endangered taxa and ecosystems

o Educate people on the importance of biodiversity conservation for the sustainable well being of human as well as animal population

o Reduce human-animal conflicts in the region through systematic interventions in manmade and natural habitats

o Monitor climate change and its impact on the environment by establishing a centre for long term study on climatic parameters and organism’s response to climate change in the Western Ghats region